TSS - Your Single Point of Contact

No more searching your files for phone numbers and contact information. We are your single source for Telecommunication information, parts and repair.

Just one call to make.  With Telcom, you are only one phone call away from answers.   We will take care of installation, adds/moves/changes, vendor scheduling, telco coordination, voice and data wiring, training.  No need to call anyone else. You no longer need separate contacts for problems, parts and local service. We're ready to answer the call!

Real People Answering the Phone.  We don’t want you to navigate an automated attendant when you need help now, so we do everything possible to make sure your phone call is picked up by a real person during business hours. One of our trained professionals will walk you through your problem or question and try everything possible to help you remotely. If it can’t be solved over the phone, we have qualified, professional technicians who can be dispatched to help you.