ACD Applications, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Notification, Installation, Maintenance, Support, Remote Monitoring, T1 Cutovers & Installs, VoIP / NetPhone Integration

  • ACD Applications & Design - We have extensive training and experience, and are here to help you.
  • Disaster Recovery – We not only backup your system's databases locally, but we offer to store them off-site should an environmental disaster ever occur.  We are a full service company.  We have a completely stocked parts warehouse containing all the parts for the very systems that are at the heart of your organization.  As part of our disaster recovery to your organization, we will keep a complete and fully functional system that  your facility requires, available for your use if a Disaster may arise.  We have what it takes to keep your sites running, that’s what we do.
  • Emergency Notification – Message notification to students/employees/staff during an emergency, E911, migration to VOIP, we are there to address these and other needs, today and into your future.
  • Installation, Maintenance and Support – If you need a new phone system, or an upgraded voicemail system, we will design and install a system for your needs at a reasonable cost.  We will support all of your systems, keeping them tuned and properly maintained with our preventative maintenance schedule. If you are planning a move, we can get both locations running at the same time so your move will be transparent.
  • Remote Monitoring – Whether you need to resolve a catastrophic outage or need help with complex software applications, our Network Operations Center is staffed by engineers who can help you.  In many cases, we can resolve issues without walking through your front door.  For our larger accounts, we can provide a dedicated technician for your facility so you can always rest at ease knowing that your system is running smoothly and any problems that do occur will be handled with the utmost importance.  Our technicians average 25+ years of experience.
  • T1 Cutovers & Installs - We can install and program the necessary equipment and coordinate with your Telco Provider.  Being proactive by installing new hardware and testing the circuit thru the pbx ahead of time allows for a successful cutover.  Hotcuts opens you up to unforeseen problems which can effect your service, and many times your cut may have to be rescheduled.  We have your best interests in mind!
  • VoIP/NetPhone Integration – If you are upgrading your existing telephone system or replacing your system, we will work with you hand in hand to carefully plan the many steps necessary for a successful migration. Integrating and converging your current technologies with tomorrows needs is a KEY service we provide.  We are a TEAM Player.