Adtran Products

Examples of Adtran products that we carry are listed below.  Please search our inventory to find whether we have a particular product in stock.
Condition Part Number Product Description
Refurbished 1200307L1 Adtran Single T1 card..1200307L1
Refurbished 1200755L2 Adtran Quad T1 module..1200755L2
Refurbished 1203025L1 Adtran Ace T1 CSU 1203025L1 3rd Gen
Refurbished 4200305L1 Adtran 550 with 1 T1 module..4200305L1
Refurbished 77115-L2 Kentrox CSU T-Serv II CSU Modules for Rack 77115-L2
Refurbished 77123-L2 Kentrox 77123-L2
Refurbished 77965 Kentrox 77965 with Power Supply & Cables
New T1 Adapter Female T1 Adapter 15-pin female
New T1 Adapter Male T1 Adapter 15-pin Male
Refurbished TSU120E Adtran TSU 120e Stand alone ..DSU/CSU - 1202129L1 TSU120E